Multifaceted human

I am a multidisciplinary designer learning more about the sustainability of systems, and the complex communities within them. I started in the health and wellness sector, designing and strategizing for products and product teams. Now I am working as a service designer in the civic tech space, where I am exploring the delta between systems and ux design.

I am Canadian, Tamil, South African. I like to mix the tools I have from both hemispheres of the world to influence how I design.

I like data, complex problems, and modular iterative builds.


Collaborating on end-to-end multi-channel journeys
Global Service Design Conference 
Workshop, Toronto
SDin Gov 2020 
Workshop, Edinburgh

Designing COVID alert
FWD50 2020
 Speaking, Remote


Clear mark award, COVIDAlert

Merit award, COVIDAlert

Innovation award, Open energy API 


I am currently working on the Core team, working on unifying client experiences across our platform tools for public servants.

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@samsadasivan everywhere
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